Expo Fabrics

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Our large selection of high quality Expo Fabrics have been designed and created for use in theatre productions, backdrops, stage panels, exhibition stands and much more! With so many beautiful designs to choose from, call our Sales department now and we will be happy to help you find the perfect fabric for any occasion!

Technical Specification
Composition:100% Polyester
Std Roll Width:1 or 2m
Std Roll Length:40m
Colour / Design Availability: Unlimited colours / designs available! Call us for details!

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Expo Fabrics - Bora Fabric - 1130 - Black/Silver Picture
Bora Fabric - 1130 - Black/Silver
Expo Fabrics - Bora Fabric - 1509 - Red/Silver Picture
Bora Fabric - 1509 - Red/Silver
Expo Fabrics - Reflex Off Back - 11 - Gold/Gold Picture
Reflex Off Back - 11 - Gold/Gold
Expo Fabrics - Nilo 4 Metal Picture
Nilo 4 Metal
Expo Fabrics - Charme Picture
Expo Fabrics - Tajo Picture
Expo Fabrics - Rodanao Picture
Expo Fabrics - Sunset Picture
Expo Fabrics - Soft Sound Picture
Soft Sound
Expo Fabrics - Okawango Picture
Expo Fabrics - Evron Picture

Colour Matching: The photographs displayed on this website, may not accurately reproduce the tone/colour of each material. Therefore, please request actual samples from our sales office for approval before ordering.